Personal Development

What if it never stops?

equation-for-happiness-2Years back I wrote an article on this blog named “what if?”. I asked myself this question many times after this article and i guess i will be asking myself this question for the years to come. The insecurities, wishes and hopes wont disappear but will only get a new question, new purpose and a new destination . The biggest truth in life is that we often wonder how it could have been or should have been if certain x or y events did or did not happen. So basically life is nothing more than a formula we are not able to solve. My whats will stand for the Y and my ifs will give the answer unknown as X. There is only one constant giving within the formula, cause if I ask the question: “what is certain in life?”, i will only get one answer and that is: “ Death!”.

So basically the Y and the X are equal to D (eath).  I had wished life to be more of rainbows and unicorns but i guess that the struggle never ends. Happiness is not found in ever lasting happy moments but in a few really memorable good moments when life has given you nothing more than pain. Because to solve the formula Y + X = D,  you need to find peace in the Y’s and you need to turn the X’s into a certain solid answer, only then the outcome of your formula will end up positive. After you have lived your life you want to look back on all those days good or bad and cherish its lesson, gift or blessing.

If passing the lessons of life one must alway learn from the past, never regret its history and apply the lesson in the future for a better outcome.

Let yesterday teach your today and tomorrow inspire your today.

By  S.A


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