The Same Mistake..


They say that to much is hard to catch with heart and mind. If a nature is given to you, you will nurture its gift by chereshing it, feeding it and expanding it. A certain mistake is made by each and one of us. We grow out of it. We learn to forget. Most importantly we learn not to make the same mistake again and again and again. But if making a mistake feels like having hope, believing in the good and respecting a word then how to make sure that you learn from it?

If seeing the good before the bad, hanging on to hope before despair, listening to a heart before the mind and talking to a dream before a nightmare is what defines you, then sometimes you dont want to learn. Mistakes are made by us but personality is what makes us. If giving away hope, faith,l love, dreams and a heart means learning from a mistake then i need to rethink how to name this mistake. Is it right to give away all your good because of the mistake you didn’t even made? If trusting too much, caring too much, loving to much and believing too much is my mistake then i will rather be the heart of this mistake instead of the brain of this cold change. Your eyes may see the dirt of inhuman actions but despite that wash away the blur in your eyes and hope to see bright even after it

Like Mahatma Gandhi once said: ” where there is love there is life”. If feeling alive is a mistake then am looking forward to my next one.

By Sodaba Abibzay

About Sodaba Abibzayhttps://www.sodabaabibzaywrites.blogMy name is Sodaba Abibzay, I am a 31 year old refugee from Afghanistan. I studied Law and work in at high school. I began writing for just one reason - creating awareness- I have seen lots of things as a women, a refugee and a moslim. All those events made me question certain things and gave me the inspiration to capture it in words. Now days we are more aware of our social media status than our loved ones, we care more about the likes than the smile of a friend, we are so hungry for power, money and a carriere that we forget our own peace of mind and dignity. We sell relationships for fake contacts and we take goodness for granted. I hope people create a sense of understanding and awareness by reading my articles. I hope people understand the importance of reflection and growth. Dont forget to subscribe, like and share!! Sodaba Abibzay

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