Mute-mode grows wounds..

Speak no evil, Speak against it..
Speak no evil, Speak against it..

As much as I enjoy the comfort of a silent day once in a while I start to get irritated by those who live in silence for years. Even if silence can bring peace in to our inner self it can also bring destruction upon humanity. My dad always said there is a reason why you got two ears and one mouth. He always suggested that listening in silence was the best way to communicate. What he forgot to tell me is that when speaking up is your responsibility being silent is not an act of bravery but that of slavery.

Why is it that people only tend to talk and give away their opinion and way of thinking when a stage is given to them? Why is it that people only care for certain matters when a camera is shooting? Why is it that people tend to talk about things that matter only for the recognition? Why is it that speaking up is censored in to what is “hot” in the media? Why is it that no one actually dares to speak up when time needs it?

If ever having kids I will teach them that having a voice is of no value when you live your life in a mute state. I was mute during my childhood for certain reasons. I censored myself because of culture, because of respect and upbringing but when growing up I realized that having a voice is not something to be ashamed of. When respecting yourself and others one always needs to speak up when it is needed because keeping silent at important moments is like growing a tumor inside of your soul that will ache every day. When a famous saying states: “ see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”, we need to understand that its subtitle states: “ See no evil in the good, Hear no evil in its tunes and speak no evil of its deeds.” But when standing eye to eye with evil don’t look away, when hearing its cruel voice don’t cover your ears, put the vision and the sound in to motion and pull your self up by speaking with fire.

We all stand for certain things in life we have core values which is called “humanity”. And if not speaking takes away your right to stand up for your own core values then you lose yourself. When knowing that you are right, when knowing that your voice matters, when knowing that no evil can arise from your voice then don’t think twice and speak up your mind. Keeping silent about the wrong at the right time is acting in favour of the dark side of life which is called “evil”. Cause not speaking is speaking, not acting is acting. While holding a neutrality against evil, you are culprit in its deeds!

Watch this Ted Talk about silence and its effect on our upbringing, our teaching and our personalities.

By Sodaba Abibzay

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