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Never again? No, All over Again!!

Never again - All over again

I know why Israel is defending its borders and country this brutal. Yeah, I understand that totally. I mean everyone wants to defend them selves against danger. If you will feel danger in something you will probably eliminate the danger. So it is good what they are doing with the Palestinian people? Yeah, of course it is. They are just eliminating danger.

Please explain. What danger? How? Ok, first of all let me explain that when we talk of danger we could imagine a thousand scenarios. We could think of thousands of weapons, of instruments and of situations that could create it for us. So out of precaution we obtain self-protection. Like, rule and order, economical growth, strict political strategies, finding allies and of course expanding our war equipment. While we in the west believe that no one could form a danger only by belonging to a certain race, religion or sexual preferences, Israel thinks differently. They have a strategy called Palestinian is equal to danger. Age, sex, profession does not matter. When you have the bad luck to be born Palestinian you are a danger for Israel. Like every country defending its civilians against danger Israel is doing the same. They are simply eliminating danger aka Palestinian blood.

I know most of you reading this will jump up in your chair holding your heart that I just stated that Israel is out to eliminate Palestinians but when looked upon the facts you could not state differently.

Lets go back. Like 50 years a go. There was one other guy who gave danger a name. This man did not link danger to a nationality but to a religion. His fear for this danger became so big that he was able to kill generations without a question being asked by human kind. This man was called “HITLER”. He killed innocent people for one reason only one! He linked the word danger to the word Jew. Danger is equal to Jew. When then the world kept silenced, mass murders took place. The war ruined generations in their peace, homes, physical and emotional state. A religion was homeless. The Jews stood together and the world finally woke up after a winter sleep of years and gave them an “I will make it up to you” present ISRAEL.

Ironic is the fact that once being the victim now is the culprit. Once being burned is now lighten up the fire. Once being denied now denies a nation, once being hated now hates back. More ironic is the fact that the world was quite back then and is quite now. Politics will wake up after a few years and understand their shortcoming. Then they will try to compensate the Palestinians in their suffering. The thing is, I keep on thinking which place on earth they will be shifted at and how this story is about to continue it self. The place will change, the time will change, the country will change and the subjective meaning of danger will change but the process is to be repeated. Once again history made its come back while humans with all their evolution and innovations could not change its track.

Once again the world is denying that the sun sets down, that water is liquid, that the night is dark, that fire burns and that humans breath. Once again the world pushes REPEAT! This is not the end. this horror story is to be continued. The place, the victims, the culprits and the reason of danger will be different but the Process will be the same. “The process of denial”

By Sodaba Abibzay

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