The Women who inspires…

Happy Birthday Mom

“When I grow up I want to be like her!” I said most of the time in my life. She is an inspiration the way she is. I am not sure if it is the way she lives, the way she moves or the way she takes care of things. Her touch in every sense is magical. She cures hell of diseases but she never joined Medical School. She advocates all of our rights but never did she applied for Law school, she cooks like Gordon Ramsay but never did I know that they were related, She protects like Tomb Raider but I am sure that it was Angelina who played that role. She fights like the Romans, she loves like butterflies conquered her heartbeats, she guides like leaders were to lead towards independence and freedom, she is that one Women in the world I respect the most. She is the one to build our homes, she is the one to make us feel loved, she is the one who cares before we could understand, she is the one who is the shelter of our first rain.
Her Absence is darkness, her laugh is pride, her encouragement gives me wings, her courage makes me feel strong, her madness makes me realize that shortcomings are a part of life, her eyes makes me feel miss universe, her hugs fight away my demons. She is the person who holds my hand while crossing the road of life. She made me understand that being good is power, that helping others is a gift and that smiling in bad times is personality. She honored me as her heartbeat, she made me feel special, she wiped away my tears while they wouldn’t stop, she gave me warmth when my eyes where captured by a cold vision.

She gave me life, that made her mother. She gave me the love, hope, strength, passion, courage and teachings to live that life the good way, that made her my Inspiration.
A very happy birthday my lovely Mom, my biggest inspiration

By Sodaba Abibzay


About Sodaba Abibzayhttps://www.sodabaabibzaywrites.blogMy name is Sodaba Abibzay, I am a 31 year old refugee from Afghanistan. I studied Law and work in at high school. I began writing for just one reason - creating awareness- I have seen lots of things as a women, a refugee and a moslim. All those events made me question certain things and gave me the inspiration to capture it in words. Now days we are more aware of our social media status than our loved ones, we care more about the likes than the smile of a friend, we are so hungry for power, money and a carriere that we forget our own peace of mind and dignity. We sell relationships for fake contacts and we take goodness for granted. I hope people create a sense of understanding and awareness by reading my articles. I hope people understand the importance of reflection and growth. Dont forget to subscribe, like and share!! Sodaba Abibzay

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