Reminder: ” Dont Forget to Care Today”

Even tough we all have agenda’s, phones, reminders and secretaries still we fail to be reminded of those who need our help. We set an alarm to wake up early in the morning so that we can rush our self to our work, our company or our gym but the time which is precious to us in the race towards succes, money, recognition and fame is concidered forbidden for helping those in need.

Reminder of the Day
Reminder of the Day

The world has become a place that when you reach out towards someone in need it is concidered an insult on time. We use hours to define our self by clothing our self in a certain way, we share a certain lifestyle which will define our class, we ride a certain car which will define our taste for journey but we wont seem to understand the true meaning of our beating heart. While everything is different we all share one thing in common a beating heart as a symbole of being alive in life.

Why is it that only when great, mass suffering occures we are willing to help a hand? When the Tsunami blew away homes and lifes we all were shocked, paralyzed and so aware of helping. When we walk on the streets of our city and see someone searchin shelter from the heavy rain fall in a cold month we keep on walking. Why is it that suffering only becomes important when it has quantity? Why is it that disasters have to happen before we understand the responsibility? Is that our way of reminders for the actual things in life? We keep reminding our self on daily basis that we have certain obligations towards our work, our family, our friends and our personal development but why do we forget the biggest obligation; that of humanity.

Some may think am uttering a certain philosophical way of thinking but when we humans cant function without reminders then why should we not use those reminders to stay connected with heart, soul and humanity on daily basis? Everything that gives you pain is not worth your time , is the motto of this generation but do we understand that pain is like a boom rang . The harder you swing it away the harder it hits you back. Running away from it is madness, facing it with caution is bravery.

A helping hand does not mean saving hunderds of lives, a helping hand is holding one hand that needs strength and guidness, understanding suffering even if it means sharing an umberella on a rainy day with a homeless person. A helping hand is reminding yourself and others of giving without asking back in return. If this generation only reacts on the beats of a reminder instead of the beats of the heart then we should set out a reminder to care every singel day. Its not odd to remind your self of the fact that humanity is what we share.
So start this habit of reminding yourself and your surrounding every day with a certain reminder to care and give selflessly.

By Sodaba Abibzay

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