We grow up playing games. The joy of winning a game is something that produces a smile, the symptom of happiness. Then growing up to a certain age we thought we were to old to play games. What we forgot is that living your life in a certain manner is playing a game. As a newbee to the game called “life”, you sure need to lose a few times before you get a hold on to the rules and regulations.

The Game..

Playing the game of happiness, the game of love, the game of success but above all the game of self-knowledge is our daily occupation. I learned a lot about myself in the passed 2,5 years. I went from problem, to denying, to facing the facts, to ignoring, to discovering the rules, to accepting, to researching and finding. The last step of the phases I passed was the phase of implementing. They say that the road towards it is the hardest. But my personal experience has shown me that when walking to the top of the mountain you may feel tired but you don’t feel the pain of exhaustion. Once reached the top, looking down the road you have travelled, you will start to feel the pain of the journey.

When games are played we reward the winner in a certain way. When people play the game of life they reward them-self with satisfaction. Having a winner mindset is of a great asset to your personality but when winning is your only goal and your only accepted outcome you begin to show symptoms of a cheater. We humans have a sick way of justifying this kind of behavior. When it comes to a certain feeling we can go beyond boundaries and then use a phrase as: “ everything is fair in love and war” but is it? Because the humanity dictionary will translate that sentence as: “ I am a self-centered, egoistic person that would do anything to anyone just to get what pleases me on my terms.” Wow, that sounds quit unacceptable. That’s the main reason we never utter those words, instead we use one-liners and quotes that will justify every inhuman and egoistic behavior of us with the same meaning but just dressed up in a different wardrobe. If you master your words, you master the game. When you master your goals, you master life. When you master in all these things you fail to master in Humanity.

When playing games, you may have the joy of winning, but when losing something called dignity, self-respect, honesty and humanity you will lose the joy of a peaceful conscious. Start playing games when winning will serve a higher purpose, that of humanity and dignity.

Sodaba Abibzay

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