The strong breeze of relations


4222809-md.jpg The kite of dreams can be given life by the strong breezing van of relations. The wind it blows will make your kite leave the ground, believe in its breeze will protect you from the fear of touching the ground. The power of its rounds will give you the courage that will keep you from falling down. Relations are the bridge build to cross over the river of sorrow and pain. Relations are the strength of a wall that will face all the hard times. When destiny is a dry land, relations can grow a field of flowers. It will color and fragrance your destiny with its magic. When darkness pulls away the light in your heart, relations will light up a candle of trust in its good. When sorrow is the only place you could stay, relations will build you a home called joy. When your tired of the journey called life, relations will carry you in their arms. When failure is your present relations will see your future. When black and white is your point of view they will create a rainbow of colours around you. When breathing in pain becomes difficult they will be the air. When bruising your heart will make you bleed they will be medication. When losing trust defines your deeds they will rise you up as person.

When being rich is a privileged state then by counting the blessings of our relations we can all say that we are privileged.
By Sodaba Abibzay

About Sodaba Abibzayhttps://www.sodabaabibzaywrites.blogMy name is Sodaba Abibzay, I am a 31 year old refugee from Afghanistan. I studied Law and work in at high school. I began writing for just one reason - creating awareness- I have seen lots of things as a women, a refugee and a moslim. All those events made me question certain things and gave me the inspiration to capture it in words. Now days we are more aware of our social media status than our loved ones, we care more about the likes than the smile of a friend, we are so hungry for power, money and a carriere that we forget our own peace of mind and dignity. We sell relationships for fake contacts and we take goodness for granted. I hope people create a sense of understanding and awareness by reading my articles. I hope people understand the importance of reflection and growth. Dont forget to subscribe, like and share!! Sodaba Abibzay

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