Self Shadows Real Life

Self – destruction how?
How The Search for “Self” destroyed the feeling of otherness. How a lost personality comes to discover that the self we are caring to adapt and nurture never existed in the first place. We feel empty because we manage a self which is more important than life, more important than relations, more important than principles and values. The self is a marketing product ready to be sold to the first buyer on the market. The market needs a self which is consumed with everything that says ME. The caring and feeling we do, the love and affection we feel, the understanding and acceptance are symptoms of a self not fitting the market prescription. So we kill the otherness and think with Self to make more money, success, status, fame and name. But like life these things also have an expiring date. The only thing you leave behind in this world is the otherness, the feeling of love, the power of acceptance and the light of compassion. talks about the importance of otherness

In This TedX talk Thandie Newton about the importance of otherness.

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