The Maybeoligist

The Kunduz Coalition introduces the Maybeoligist

When several political parties join strength to make a boat they all can survive on. They frankly don’t give shit even if the boat is made out of principles they don’t stand for. Every chance of survival is better than no survival at all.  While floating on a survival package of principles we may question our self for how long will this compromise piece float? Will it ever make the shore? Or was it damned to sink even if it looked waterproof just like the Titanic? Is waterproof possible nowadays? And is that the reason you never get any guaranty on things in life. The door never is closed its always half open. If politics introduce to us the Kunduz – coalition , we ‘’ the just ordinary people’’ like John Legend has named it, introduce to you the “Maybeoligy”.  This word is the death sentence to security! It kills brutally and is proud of it as well. The Maybeoligist never sinks and always has a float.  He may not reach the shore every time but he does dodge the bullet which would have made him sink.

I met a lot of Maybeoligists in my life and so far life has examined them  ,they are pretty successful. They don’t have just one friend but a dozen of them. They don’t bind relationships but partnerships. Whenever the boat is about to sink they hold on to that term of a half open door they kindly had indicated to while bonding with you. Behind that door their safety vest and unsinkable floating principles are waiting for them to take the jump and still stay dry. While we, ‘ the Maybe Phobia’s’ have troubles  standing dry on land they are about to began a waterproof existence on water.

So are the maybeoligists the new political mind fuckers disguised as you and me, waiting for the flood to strike and wipe us out while they have their safety package secured? And is the only way of survival to this flood to join arms with unacceptable principles? Would you rather drown the death of a brave principle or live the life of a coward maybeoligist?

By S.A.


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