Deviant Behavior

What is Deviant Behavior?
Deviant behavior, in Criminology this term refers to a broad range of activities that the major society may view as dangerous, annoying, bizarre and so on. It refers to a certain behavior that is outside of the rang of normal societal toleration.  So knowing this  we may question our self in how many sections we can divide this term? Deviant behavior according to sociology, anthropology and psychology are defined differently.  Standards and the definition of normal are subjective in all cases.

How does it occur?
Difference in culture , religion, upbringing , society and psychology defines our own definition of deviant behavior.  How practical will it be to judge upon a subjective definition?  Terms as normal are defined by our own made deviant definition based upon our culture, religion, upbringing, society and psychology. While trying to fit in.. we  don’t even know
where to fit in. The truth has many faces, while every action can be defended. Defending the action is mirroring your own reflection.  We justify our inabilities by moving the radar of our deviant behavior until we tune in that one definition/ case which resembles ours.  When no borderline can be seen we humans fool our self by setting borders of our own.

Judging over and over again when a situation occurs just because its outside your radar and when the same situation overcomes us we suddenly are willing to move the radar and tune in the right station who will support and justify us. How hypocrite we are with all our rules and regulations within our social comfort zone.

Understanding is the key to acceptance acceptance is the Key
Consider yourself a toolbox juggling with various definitions of deviant.  Consider yourself the one who defines deviant behavior and you won’t judge easily. You will get the power to understand instead of the weakness to judge. While the unknown drives us to uphold a wall you will be the creative mind who will search for openings.

By S.A

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    The fear of losing is pushing me towards the darkness of insecurity, the darkness of insecurity is the shadow of standing still, the shadow of standing still is why I wont be able to walk into the sun. Fear is the enemy of every dream, the murder weapon of hope and the ride towards a depressed and unsuccessful life.


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