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The borders in life
Every one of us knows how to define a border. We human beings are generated by borders. Our society, our ambition, our relations they all need borders. What if your personality and emotions did not have any borders. What if the search for boundaries would make you realize that sometimes your personality knows no borderlines. We ache of pain but still we are searching. A losing relationship, a defined friendship or a broke marriage will make us question our ability and our perspective on life. The line between life and death knows no space, the line between hate and love knows no space. We can find our self at one side of the line and in a minute on the other side. We humans are not predictable and so is our way of having, maintaining and accepting relationships in every form.

The Pain of being lost
Sometimes you find your self standing ON the line. What to do? is the question burning in your heart and mind. Every answer brings no satisfaction. People are willing to accompany you, your thoughts, and your way of living as long as you contribute to a certain value in their life’s. Happiness, ambition, knowledge, passion, love, partnership and so on. But what if all borders became vague? What if you are not sure where you stand in life? What if you lose your definition? How do people around you react? How do the people around you respond? We humans are really used to having a secure line within which we move. We need to obey those lines because they will define our relationships, our values and our importance in life. So what will happen with that person who lost all boundaries?  Basically what we expect from such people is to go and find their borderlines back before maintaining life again. You are not a part of a certain relationship because there is no secure holding on your presence. You lose your value because you can’t tell people where you stand for.  You lose control of how to behave and how to react on a certain way because you are struggling with your old morals and values. It is like the focus of  the camera trying to clear up an image but not being able to capture it clearly. What to focus on? Is the question. The presence will make a joke out of you because your an old invention of the past. Life will  deny you because you are the proof of a mistake in nature.

Suffering from BPD
To those people struggling with this fear of life and pain of past I would like to say: ” The line you knew is gone. You can try to find it, relocate and maintain it but you can also feel free to be wherever you want to be, whatever you want to be. Some people are blessed with a burden. You may find it hard to carry its weight right now but when you find yourself a new place to call you it would have been worth every tear, heartache and effort. If you walk along the line with the world you miss out the chance to discover places no one has ever been and things no one has ever done. Suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder makes you stand no where in life but the beauty of it is you can CHOOSE to stand everywhere. Some say the sky is the limit but they just limit their own existence cause we have had footsteps on the moon. As a prisoner within to much freedom reach further out then the sky and then you will come to know that there is no limit!

By  S.A

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