Freedoms Restriction

Freedoms Restriction…

In the years of 1930 there was a political change wave in Europe. It started in Italy and doomed almost whole Europe in the name of Germany. Shocked by its powers, dazzled by its speed of growth and emotional touched by the great acceptation in society, world leaders were blown away. An alarm code in Europe. Questions were asked and answers unrevealed. How did this civilization sink that deep that return to save and dry land seemed impossible?

Before the break down of the Second World War, there was a political change visible in Europe to all, which was pretty much ignored. A change which contents not much intellect or goodness but which used binding powers. The not satisfied and angry nation joined powers in a bond. The organization of this joint venture of powers posed as sincerely concerned with the prevailing discontent. The followers were not aware that they believed in a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothes.  The resentment of the followers had blinded them for the defaults upcoming. The resentment of nations was exploited in inhuman ways.  They stimulated aggression and anger. They were not in a search of solutions because they needed the commotion and the social dissatisfaction to survive in their political goals.  The politics were not captured by dumbness but half civilization. Did the up signing words ring a bell? Not yet?   Then let’s go on.  Germany 1932 a man called Hitler stood up against the ascendant powers. It made the mass believe that they were trying to revoke a revolution of the mind by misusing their resentment within their country. One should have a lot knowledge, experience and good will to persist such a goal called ‘the revolution of the mind’ instead of that those who stood by Hitler were quite shallow in knowledge and capacity.  They grow in power and support and before we had any sense of what was going on pen Hitler got elected in a democratic way.  We had chosen FASCISM in a democratic way. There was no need of a revolution of any resistance. We all said YES to Hitler and with that a YES to inhumanity.

The question rising when I blame every one for the upcoming fascism   is: ‘How did fascism get elected in a democratic way’? Where were all the intellects and guardians of democracy, liberty and humanity at that time? Where was the elite of the society?  To answer the first question. Hitler won power because of two elements that a true democratic and social involved person never should have. Which are  OVERCONFIDENCE  – COWARDICE AND BETRAYAL. Overconfidence to whom? Betrayal of who?  In Hitler’s case it was the overconfidence of two political parties BKP and the DN. They thought that giving Hitler power would be in favor of them. Sooner or later Hitler will make a fault and then  they can take charge again. The cowardice and betrayal was from the German Social – Democratic they all handled in favor of Hitler because they were scared that if they did not participate in this change they will lose votes. Well let me tell you this they lost a lot  not only the votes but also THEIR PRINCIPLES AND THEIR SOCIAL TRUST.  What did you say? You are seeing similarities between 1932 in Germany and the current political state of the Netherlands, well good for you. For those who have not seen the similarity or are not convinced yet just keep on reading.

Let me lighten up a subject in our daily life episode while living in the Netherlands. Are you a Muslim? Well change religion . Choose any other  you want but not the Islam. Do you pray? O no, you should start praying for your future and that of your families. Do you attend a mosque? Well get ready cause soon you will be attending jail.   By the time you are reading this you must be thinking that 1. I have lost my mind and 2. I am exaggerating in this fantasy. Let me shake up your life and also your mind. This seems like a horror scenario to most of you, one you experience in a bad movie or an even worse book but no sadly this is the TRUTH and nothing more than the TRUTH.

Time has become so cruel that we have to divide the Muslims in to a category good and bad. Let me give you the specifications of the BAD Muslims an Asian, northern African and sometimes Western material with a traditional outfit, visiting the mosque 3 times a day, wearing a turban, enjoying Islamic holidays and of course reading the Koran. Then we have the section of the GOOD Muslims an Asian, Northern – African and sometimes Western material with a H & M/ Zara or sometimes the expensive stuff like Tommy, Armani or Boss, not visiting the mosque 3 times each day because they work, enjoying Islamic holidays, not read the Koran cause prefers to read something more relaxing. The only thing these two groups share is BELIEVE IN ALLAH! Since when is a specific lifestyle becoming a national threat or even an International threat? Since when does the choice in wardrobe divines your moral standards? If we answer that this is a freedom of all cosmopolitans then what is this whole hype of politics around the Islam? 

Let me give you an example, suppose your country is suffering from a bad winter. It rains the whole day long. Roads are not maintained well so it gets muddy. Your new bought shoes get wet but despite that it also get ruined because of the mud. You did not take along an umbrella because you had not watched the news report so your expensive jacket and within that your iPhone are worth the trash can. Angry as you are, you see your neighbor whom is a really friendly nice person from turkey walking down the street with a raincoat on; he also has an umbrella with him and carries his phone in a cover. Frustrated as it makes you, you sweep your dirty shoes at his door mat and stop saying hello to him.

Bad circumstances, less knowledge and willingness, an effortless attitude make us grow frustration. It is that Frustration that needs a Door mat to clean up his/ her ego. This is how fascism starts. In the 21st century there is no need of an army, weapons, borders and soldier’s . Fascism will bring hell in a legal way called DEMOCRACY!!

By Sodaba Abibzay

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