What if…?

What if..? How many times in life have you asked your self this question? When life begins it has no purpose no goal and no achievement. All this things are created by you the creative human being. You make possibilities you understand the importance of life and the value of those whom share this life just beside you. You give tears their meaning of sadness and happiness and even though it is a rare contrast you still make it possible to create a double meaning. You give every situation a solution and every darkness hope , you link a heart to its beats and the beats to its feelings. But still why is it that it lacks you of self confidence?

Many times in life ,you as the center of the center, has made decisions and defined that decision in the category good or wrong but nevertheless you have questioned your self what those categories are and by whom they are created. We take it for granted that we are worthy understanding good or wrong even if the definition is based on external values.

My journey towards the 22 years of life had to do with a lot of wrongs and goods but never I stood by the thought that those goods and wrongs were not created by me but by my culture, the way I have been brought up or the way my friends, family or relatives thinks. How many times have I felt bad because I had crossed a boundary which was created for me by others , which on their way was created again by others and so on and on.

And there it is again the question What if?.. Every disappointment , every sadness and every fall towards time did rise this question :WHAT IF? How it is possible that such a controllable creation as the human being had to face disappointment, regret and guilt? How is it possible that over confidence by Adam and Eve had turned in to a lack of confidence which seems a human disability , an inborn handicap which makes life darker then it is. Every time when “wrong” happens to you try not to make life harder by asking the question : “WHAT IF”. Even if it is a tempting reaction. By resisting this attractive act you will gain your actual confidence in life.

Sometimes life can turn in to a wrong side street but eventually every map can lead towards that rightful main street. The only thing you need is patient not regret.. So throw “WHAT IF” out of your life and let your self guide by patient and hope. Because hope never looks back and does not discourage upturn and self development . Looking back obstructs you from a clear sight on the main street . When your goal is within arms reach then don’t act blind because you are to afraid to reach!!

By S.A

2 thoughts on “What if…?”

  1. Nice piece of work. I believe you are the product of your society, everything what you are is because of the influences from outside. But still it depends on you how to interpret and deal with this issues. Mostly our mind is controlling us and only a few can do vice versa.

    In your text you present the boundaries and culture as something negative, but what kind of world would we have without these boundaries. Maybe these are set up to control people but human nature is greedy which makes it impossible to introduce equality, and therefore you have to make a distinction between wrong and right, it should not be a problem because everyone experience it in a different way.


  2. Hi Sodaba,

    I came across your blog a few weeks ago. I randomly picked an article of yours to read. -What if- I didn’t? Your words remained in my mind. Surely I admire your expression of thoughts, even though this article is two years old.

    What if it never took place, what if I never used those words, what if I never did this or that. Not only do these thoughts show our weak human condition, also they steal time, precious time. We wander and regret the past, though we should grab the future with both hands, claim it, and thereby transform the future into a better past. The better past the lies before us.

    On the other hand, without these weakness, what would remain? Wouldn’t we be merely machines? Isn’t the ‘what if’ “syndrom” a strong teacher? To learn from, to alter the future? Because now that we ask ourselves ‘what if’ afterwards, we can manage to use ‘what if’ before the act?

    I’m positive my words hardly make any sense, though I wanted to share them with you.


    from the Netherlands.


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