Child madness… ??


My whole childhood passed in a confusion over who i am, how to fit in within a different culture, how not to forget my own motherland. By all this confusions  I found my life very difficult. I used my diversity in a negative way. I blamed it for my laziness and my failures. By then I did not acknowledge the massive inspiration and motivation which was brought to me by my diversity.


My roots lies in Afghnstn, a land of misery and pain, a land of alliterated generations, a land were even in daylight you find yourself in the darkness. Even tough the darkness is master in the forgotten country .. still hope is fighting back.  The moral inspiration and mental motivation of children in Afghnstn touches  the sky and desires for much more. Their desire for a better us, better me , and better country  has not vanished even if they have lost love ones in the war, even if they have seen  their dreams shattered, even if  hunger and poverty  became their best friends and colours are snatched out of their sweet little  life’s. The endless desire for tomorrow lies within every child in Afghnstn. They have fought back heroic against every obstacle in life…


By knowing that hope and desire don’t thank their extension to circumstances but to mental awake ness and  persistent motivation, every one of us should be inspired in achieving their goal. Most of us feel like talent is for those who are blessed with it, but then i should awake you out of your fantasy cause every one of us has a talent which hast to be discovered by our self our by the world. Inspire yourself by acknowledging the strength of diversity and understanding the need of having a goal in life cause only then you can keep the desire, hope and inspiration within you alive.


Most of the parents, especially Asians force their children to study.. they  think that only study can make you stand in the frontline of life’s race against the world. They make their wishes a burden upon you and don’t wish to see any other talent then that of a doctor, advocate and architect. What they forget is that every child has his own ability, every child can carry as much weight as within his /her power, every likes and dislikes are different and every desire has a different colour. Within a family portrait we should encourage different colours otherwise the portrait will become dull.


So be encouraged by those who’s dream is to reach the top and don’t let your portrait be coloured for you!! Like there is a saying by “Brendan Francis” which says  : ‘If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don’t hoard it. Don’t dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke!


Sodaba Abibzay


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