When the definition of freedom is asked we al have a different version ,but still every person who shared freedom  in his or her perspective have a similarity.  Our point of view is different but our desire for freedom is the same…


For me freedom is not a gift but a right to be who you are, to feel what is right in your perspective and to act within the boundaries of law. Even though law is not every thing but still it can be compared with guidance in the journey for a better you.


A lot of countries compare the boundaries of freedom with culture. It is not the law which makes guidance but culture. Culture which has been based on tradition and habits of generation before us. How come that even in the year 2008 in some countries culture is above the law and religion? In the life of a normal person there can be different guidance but every guidance has his own weight on the scale.  In my life the guidance trough life is not only the law and religion but also culture. A culture I did not chose to be a part of it , a religion I did not chose to be a part of it and  a law I did not chose to be a part of it. My birth and circumstances in life made me a part of all these tree guidance .To be a part of my religion is for me a gift , to be a part of the law is for me a duty but to be a part of a culture which has two faces is a must.


But when there are tree different sources used to get to one place there are always controversies. Controversies about the leading path, the rightful choice and the ultimate destination. Because of these contrast we human beings find our self in a confusion.

We feel that we cant be loyal to those tree parts in life which we respect the most.


We often forget that respect lies in the heart of the truth and even tough you are brought up with a religion, law our culture when it lacks truth and justice you should have the power to throw it out of your life and lead the bright face of it . I believe that every religion has truth and justice but that we people distort the truth of it for our own good and our own increasing power. I believe that every culture represents a nation and his colourful sides but that we people shape it an a big nightmare within we  hide our fears and dissatisfactions. I believe that the law is made to increase humanity not to set out a political chess match.


You all are free at birth cause freedom lies within your own existence but only till the moment that no one else demands your freedom. So let us be free and keep in mind that by setting boundaries for my freedom you are setting boundaries for your own freedom.





Sodaba Abibzay

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