We can even learn from the future

If you know Nostradamus then you also know the fact that most of his predictions arise from the truth in the future. Notradamus did not only predict that their will be World war I and II but he also predicted a III world war. His prediction did not only contain the presence of  a third world war but did also warn us for overheated power lust  and  endless ego.


When I use the words overheated power lust and endless ego, my world compass indicate towards two countries, Russia and America. When the UN is yelling for World peace and it is been  dedicated as the most important issue then how come that this two powerful countries  strike whenever they feel like it.


The past few days it has been all over the news that Georgia and  Russia have shed blood. After the war in Iraq and Afghanistan most Europeans and Americans did not concern them self about the world peace because the aim to start a war was right: ? War on terrorism?.

But do we still think that even when we are miles away from  Iraq and Afghanistan we still are save? 


Hitler was concerned to be the cruelest person on the planet but how come? Because without any reason he pulled a finger towards the Jews, the homosexuals and gypsies. His deed to exterminate  a whole nation has been rejected till today. But how come we don?t reject the same deeds of America and Russia? For the victims of the holocaust we have dedicated a few days but do we really want the history to repeat himself ? Most people believe that the past can be a teaching for the future but how come that this saying is not valid for the world politics? 


Every war is started because of endless ego and power lust but not one country had the strength to deal with  so much power. When power is given ,it has been abused and not only towards them who were enemy but also towards them who were friends. When the European Union and the United Nations stand at the side line because they are to afraid of their economic situation we can all say that world politics, democracy and world peace are just meaningless words. Political diplomacy are well preformed school plays and we the normal inhabitants of a democratic country whom vote every election so that things change have been robbed of their trust in honest politic and justice. If i am not mistaken robbery is a crime but still we are so proud to be a part of it .


Making profit out of war has been a new rage but the life line of such growth is short. Even if we sleep save each night we should be concerned of those who don?t cause before you know it is our turn.  World peace should be given priority because if not we will drag our self in to a third world war. Equal rights, Freedom of speech, a growing capital is of no use when the world scale is unbalanced?..


Sodaba Abibzay

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