Civilized terrorism : Use and Abuse?


Afghanistan is been a victim of war since 30 years. 30 years are 3 generations and still there is no ending.  The endless war has not only made dozens of Afghans homeless and wounded but has also left scars in their hearts. There has been cruelness  beyond our imagination in a forgotten county ? Afghnstn The heart of Asia.


The life of an human body leis in the heart. It is the heart which contains the stability, the peace and the humanity? still the world is not concerned about the heart of Asia called Afghnstn. An American invasion in 2001 was a brief of hope but after knowing the actual facts Afghnstn still is where it was 7 years ago.  While on daily base life?s are  sacrificed for an war on terrorism we create a new terrorism, that of civilized human beings called  ? use and abuse?. Afghan people are been used since the Russian invasion. The cold war has not stopped since 1945 till today. The Russian and American interest in to become the most powerful country in the world still costs dozen of Afghans their life?s each single day since 30 years.


The first terrorism act of use and abuse by civilised countries where the training camps build by the American CIA to train the formal talib and mujahidin against Russia.  After the Russian soldiers where driven away by the  trained CIA soldiers, Afghnstn became a forgotten country.  Like the author Shiba Shakib verbalised in her book called ?Only god comes to cry in Afghnstn?.


Till 11 september 2001, Afghnstn was not even found on the world map. The media had no reason to show the terror of the Taliban and the Mujahidin  to the rest of  this civilised world. No interest was found in the country named Afghnstn, until two huge buildings in New York collapsed and about 3000 people couldn?t see daylight ever again. Each employee of the news stations in Europe and America were making overtime. 24 hours in a day seemed not enough to show the cruelness of this terrorist act, claimed by the Al Qaida. It is found strange that 3000 American life?s are worth more attention  then million Afghan life?s in these 30 years. The media and his power does not lei in the independence of  journalism but in the high modern  propaganda strategy of America and Europe. This is the second terrorism act of use and abuse by civilised countries and every day millions of people live in this imaginary world which is created to keep us dump for the reality of each political act.


Afghnstn , is the headquarters of  an invisible terror organisation  called: ? use and abuse? and their  foremost  used method to spread terror are WE, inhabitants of civilized and democratic country?s!! Our blind fate and less knowledge does not give us permission to step out of this utopia which is  created for our own abundance. This is breeding ground for those whom love to manipulate. Enlarging our view will help us protect our self against such  terror. If the war on terror is started then  firstly we should fight it against our own point of view and the independence of journalism. To be independent in judging the irony of the political theatre it is the duty of every civilized human being to not only believe what is heard, not only see what is shown and not only read what is written?There is always more!!!


Sodaba Abibzay

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